Total invests $45m in Organic Solar Venture

Sun Supermarket – ( Konarka Technologies, Inc., an innovator in development and commercialization of Power Plastic®, a material that converts light to energy, today announced the company has signed bilateral R&D and cooperation agreements with Total, one of the largest publicly-traded integrated international oil and gas companies in the world. Konarka has secured $45 million in funding and Total will become the leading shareholder with its stake being slightly less than 20%. Konarka will work on developing new components for their products with Total’s chemical subsidiaries – Atotech, Bostik, Hutchinson, Sartomer and Total Petrochemicals USA. Already present in solar energy through its interest in Photovoltech and Tenesol, Total intends to step up its crystalline silicon-based cell production. At the same time, it aims to grow in the thin film segment; which Konarka will help it to do. Click here >> Konarka


China, USA to partner on solar research

Sun Supermarket – ( In the spirit of collaboration, two of the largest solar power research institutes, the Institute of Electrical Engineering (IEE) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the American National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), have recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the express purpose of forwarding international research and technological development of next-generation photovoltaic electricity generation capabilities. Click here >> InventorSpot

Despite downturn, is German energy a model for Obama?

Sun Supermarket – ( While the the rest of the economy plunges into recession, Germany’s solar power industry is full of optimism, fat order books and factories humming at full capacity — in stark contrast to the surrounding economic gloom. Throughout eastern Germany’s “Solar Valley,” manufacturers are racing to keep up with global demand for solar panels and the state-of-the-art machinery that makes them, even though share prices have fallen sharply this week. Click Here >> Reuters

Sun Supermarket joins online solar project

Sun Supermarket ( – Sun Supermarket has joined a clean energy initiative set up by scientists at Harvard University and IBM. The clean energy project is hoping to harness the power of a million idle computers to develop a new, cheaper form of solar power that could revolutionize the green energy world. Researchers have launched the project using IBM’s World Community Grid, which taps into volunteers’ computers across the globe to run calculations on a myriad of compounds — potentially shortening a project that could take 22 years to just two years. Click here to join >>