90% would “consider” solar with a 50p feed-in tariff rate

Sun Supermarket – Householders would be influenced to buy solar panels if the feed-in tariff rate was higher than the grid electricity purchase price, new research has suggested. Go to article>>


PG&E launches 500 MW solar PV power

Sun Supermarket – Pacific Gas & Electric has announced a plan to develop up to 500 megawatts (MW) of solar photovoltaic (PV) power in northern and central California over the next five years. The plan encompasses the development of up to 250 MW of utility-owned solar PV generation and another 250 MW of capacity that will be built and owned by independent developers, who will benefit from a streamlined regulatory process, according to PG&E. If fully developed by the target date of 2015, the new solar projects will deliver more than 1,000 gigawatt hours of electricity and account for about 1.3% of PG&E’s electricity demand. The California Public utilities must approve the plan; a decision is expected later this year.

First Solar first to US$1 per watt manufacturing cost

Sun Supermarket – Photon Consulting may have recently projected the PV industry to reach the US$1 per watt manufacturing cost threshold in 2012, but First Solar has ignored such projections and reached this important milestone in the fourth quarter of 2008, with a cost per watt of US$0.98. First Solar, not wanting to sit back and wait for competitors to catch-up, expects further reductions in the coming years that could see a cost per watt below US$0.65 by 2012 or earlier. Go to article>>

Consumer Demand for Green Products is Still Rising

Sun Supermarket – (www.sunsupermarket.com) According to a survey conducted by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the trend toward buying green continues. More consumers purchased green products in 2008 than in 2007, the survey found, and more consumers were willing to pay a higher price for green products if they were considered to be of higher quality. Go to report>>

£230bn of new investment to meet UK energy goals

Sun Supermarket (www.sunsupermarket.com) – The study, Securing the UK’s energy future – meeting the financing challenge, updates the increased development costs for new energy projects over an extended time frame to 2025 to capture the recently announced new nuclear build programme and the need to improve the UK’s resilience to security of supply risks.

Ernst & Young estimates that the UK energy supply industry will have to invest over £230bn in new infrastructure by 2025 to ensure the country’s future security of supply and that current climate change and renewable targets are met. This level of investment is equivalent to doubling the value of the UK’s total energy supply asset base. Go to report>>

UK Home energy to remain costly

Sun Supermarket – (www.sunsupermarket.com) Energy companies are short-changing consumers. The energy providers say they’ve cut prices, but after raising energy prices by an average of 35% in 2008, have they passed on any actual savings? British Gas was the first to announce a 10% cut on gas, followed by similar announcements from Scottish and Southern, E.ON and now EDF. See the table below for a view on how gas and electricity prices have changed over the last 12 months for the major suppliers. Go to article >>