Ausra Receives US $25.5M in Equity Funding

Sun Supermarket – Ausra Inc., a provider of solar thermal energy systems for industrial processes and large-scale electricity generation, announced that it has received a US $25.5 million equity funding facility. Funds from the new equity facility will be used for Ausra to expand and accelerate its solar thermal energy equipment supply business. Renewable Energy World>>


SunRun Service Now Available in Massachusetts

Sun Supermarket – Alteris Renewables and SunRun announced that they are bringing SunRun’s program to turn home solar into a monthly service, like cable or any other utility, to the state of Massachusetts. Through the program, upfront costs for a homeowner to install solar electric systems go from US $30,000 to as little as $1,000. Renewable Energy World>>

Pope goes solar

Sun Supermarket – On pasture land a day’s walk north of Rome, the inventor of radio Guglielmo Marconi set up a broadcasting service in 1931 for the Vatican. The world’s smallest state now intends to build the biggest solar plant in Europe for 500 million euros ($660 million) on those same 740 acres near the medieval village of Santa Maria di Galeria, project engineer Mauro Villarini said in an interview. Via Bloomberg>>

Solar tech sets sales record — just as demand slows

Sun Supermarket – As the cliché goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. So it is with global solar technology (cells and modules) revenues. During the 12-year period from 1996 through 2008, revenues increased by a compound annual growth rate of 40% from $367 million to $20.4 billion (see Figure 1). Even though the market for solar products was significantly oversold, though, technology revenues increased by 80% in 2008; megawatt sales totaled 5.5GW. Those strong revenues and sales will be remembered fondly at the end of 2009, as demand softens and technology prices continue falling. PV World>>

Highlights of the benefits to UK balance-of-trade of investing in renewables and energy efficiency

Sun Supermarket – A new report estimates that the UK’s proposed push for energy efficiency and renewables could result in a trade balance benefit for the UK economy of up to £12.6bn per annum by 2020.  The UK is projected to be reliant on imports for potentially 80% of its gas needs by 2020 [2] with huge cost and energy security. Go to report>>

Photovoltaic solar revenue seen down 40% in '09

Sun Supermarket – Market research firm iSuppli Corp, now expects a major decline in the photovoltaics industry in 2009, due to massive overcapacity, plunging prices and weak demand for solar as a consequence of the global economic recession. Worldwide PV system installations are forecasted to decline to 3.5GW in 2009, down 32% from 5.2GW in 2008. A 12% reduction in the average price per solar watt will also impact global PV revenues, which will drop by a massive 40.2% to $18.2 billion, down from $30.5 billion in 2008. PV Tech>>