CSP could meet a quarter of global energy demands

Sun Supermarket – Concentrating solar power (CSP) could provide seven percent of the world’s energy by 2030 and up to one-quarter by 2050, a new report has suggested. According to the study – conducted by Greenpeace International, the European Solar Thermal Electricity Association and IEA SolarPaces – the technology could save millions of tonnes of CO2 emissions and create hundreds of thousands of jobs. via LowCarbonEconomy.com>> and Greenpeace>>


Owens Corning Installs Largest SolarWall® System of 2009

Sun Supermarket – a world leader in building materials and glass fiber reinforcements, today announced that it has installed North America’s largest* SolarWall® system of 2008 at the company’s Toronto area insulation manufacturing facility. The use of the SolarWall® technology demonstrates the company’s commitment to sustainability and renewable energy, and Owens Corning’s strong sense of environmental stewardship. via Owens Corning>>

Voluntary Carbon Market Doubles in Size

Sun Supermarket – Volume on the world’s voluntary carbon markets surged from 65 million tonnes in 2007 to 123 million tonnes in 2008, according to the most recent State of the Voluntary Carbon Market. The real news, however, isn’t the numbers – but the drivers. Ecosystem Marketplace asked market participants what the report means for them – and for the environment at large. via EcoSystemMarketplace>> or Download report>>