South Africa Introduces Aggressive Feed-in Tariffs

Sun Supermarket – South Africa’s National Energy Regulator (NERSA) announced March 31, 2009 the introduction of a system of feed-in tariffs designed to produce 10 TWh of electricity per year by 2013. The feed-in tariffs announced were substantially higher than those in NERSA’s original proposal. The tariffs, differentiated by technology, will be paid for a period of 20 years. via Renewable Energy World>>


REPORT: EU Green Buildings legislation

Sun Supermarket – This is the fifth annual King Sturge report under the title “Property Sustainability Matters”, which this year focuses on the measurement of sustainability and the changing UK and EU legislation.  With the introduction of Energy Performance Certificates nearing completion, the report provides an overview of the current benchmarking tools already in place worldwide and the changing UK and EU environmental legislative landscape. via Kinsturge>>

New coalition pushes massive capital in cleantech

Sun Supermarket – In a presentation before national policymakers and analysts today, leading clean energy CEOs, venture capitalists and academics unveiled the “Gigaton Throwdown,” an assessment of the nation’s clean energy potential that identifies seven industries capable of creating 5 million clean energy jobs and reducing CO2 emissions by 5-7 gigatons by 2020. The report, a collaborative effort between leading researchers at UC Berkeley, MIT, University of Michigan, Stanford, and Drexel University, and clean tech leaders, challenges Washington policymakers to remove obstacles that keep billions of capital investment dollars sitting on the sidelines. via Gigaton Throwdown>>

REPORT: Impacts of a 25-Percent Renewable Electricity Standard

Sun Supermarket – This report responds to requests from Chairman Edward Markey, for an analysis of a 25-percent Federal renewable electricity standard (RES).  The RES proposal analyzed in this report is included in the discussion draft of broader legislation, the American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACESA) of 2009, issued on the Energy and Commerce Committee website at the end of March 2009. 1  The two request letters and the relevant section of the ACESA discussion draft are provided as Appendices A, B, and C of this report. via Department of Energy>>