Will Portugal Become a Leader in the Electric Car Industry?


Sun Supermarket – Portugal is a country with a problem: it has no domestic coal, natural gas, or oil resources, so Western Europe’s poorest nation is forced to import most of it’s energy. The quandary makes the country an ideal candidate for renewable energy, and in fact Portugal already produces over a third of its energy from renewable sources. Now the country is taking its commitment to renewable a step further by setting goals for a nationwide recharging network for electric cars. via Fast Company>>


France’s Poweo gains permission to build 12MW solar plant

Sun Supermarket – The French energy producer, Poweo has announced that it has obtained the necessary authorization for the construction of its 12MW solar power plant to Toreilles (Pyrénées-Orientales), to be commissioned in 2010.  via PV Tech>>

Solar growing in Greece

Sun Supermarket – The Greek solar PV market is ready for take-off, following Spain and Italy as the next interesting Mediterranean top spot. Greece is set to become one of the global top ten biggest PV markets in 2010. Even the problems of bureaucracy seem to have been resolved. This optimism is driven by the generous feed-in tariff in combination with a sunny climate. In addition to the attractive feed-in tariffs, state subsidies of up to 40% are available for most commercial applications. The return on investment will be in the range of 15-30%. Smooth and relatively healthy and steady market growth is foreseen. Residential roof-top PV systems below 10 kWp will become an important market segment, with a feed-in tariff of €0.55/kWh guaranteed for 25 years. These are some of the conclusions of a report Solarplaza recently published. 

Digital Britain in jeopardy as power houses go abroad

Sun Supermarket – Government plans to make Britain a world leader in the digital economy are under threat because high electricity prices are forcing companies to locate power-hungry data centres in other countries.Under the Government’s Digital Britain report, published last month, every British home and business will have a minimum 2MB broadband link. However, Derek Webster, associate director of McBains Cooper, a building consultancy, said that British electricity prices, which are the third highest in Europe, are forcing developers to build the infrastructure needed for these plans in countries such as France, potentially undermining UK competitiveness. via The Times>>

EDF and First Solar to Build Largest Solar Manufacturing Plant in France

Sun Supermarket – EDF Energies Nouvelles (EDF EN) and First Solar, Inc. (Nasdaq: FSLR) today announced a venture to build France’s largest solar panel manufacturing plant. With an initial annual capacity of more than 100MWp, the plant will produce solar panels made with First Solar’s advanced, thin-film photovoltaic technology. This new venture will support the recently announced goal of the French government to become a leader in sustainable energy technologies including solar electricity. At full production, projected for the second half of 2011, the plant will employ more than 300 people. via PV World>>

French farmers and Solar energy

Sun Supermarket – Bright winter sun dissolves a blanket of snow on barn roofs to reveal a bold new sideline for Jean-Luc Westphal: besides producing eggs and grains, he is to generate solar power for thousands of homes. Economic crisis has cast doubt on funding hopes for many big renewable energy projects, but the giant panels built into roofs on this sloping farm at the foot of the Vosges hills in eastern France are attracting attention from farmers to financiers. via FarmingUK>>