Suntech Claims New World Record in Silicon Panel Efficiency

Sun Supermarket – The Fraunhofer Institute verifies that a Suntech Power multicrystalline silicon panel has beaten Sandia’s record. Suntech intends to have a 300MW capacity to produce its new Pluto cells and panels in 2010. via Greentech Media>>


Is Gmail the World's Greenest Email?

Sun Supermarket – IT and consumer computer use are major worldwide contributors to carbon emissions — and there’s no doubt that email is responsible for more than its share of that total. And every time you send and receive email — and even when you merely store email on a server — you use energy. One person, though, says that if you want to go grown, you’d best go with Gmail as your mail system. via>>

UK: Miliband to give new power projects easier access to electricity grid

Sun Supermarket – The government has announced plans to remove blocks on accessing the electricity transmission network for new power stations – including renewable energy projects. Ed Miliband, secretary of state at the Department for Energy and Climate Change (Decc), has begun consulting on options for changing the way access to the network is managed. He said that proposed new rules would remove blocks for 60MW of generation currently in the queue, and for future projects that will be required to switch the country’s generating capacity to new, low-carbon power sources. via Utility Week>>