Solar tariffs can work — just ask CARS

Sun Supermarket – News flash: incentives work, and solar is not the only industry to take advantage of them. The popular Cash for Clunkers program, redubbed the “Car Allowance Rebate System” (CARS) apparently to avoid the clunker stigma, has been a raging success with potential car buyers, who swamped dealerships to trade older, inefficient vehicles for newer, more efficient ones. The original $1 billion program, which provided a $3500-$4500 subsidy depending on the improvement in mileage, was exhausted in less than a week and had to be rapidly reinstated (and the bucket refilled) by Congress to keep this successful jumpstart of the auto industry going. During the first week of the program dealerships were overrun — very much like the market in Spain was overrun because of its generous feed-in tariff. Not surprisingly, when offered a generous incentive for a durable good, consumers will buy — providing, of course, the good in question is one consumers want. via PV World>>


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