Renewable energy ‘could provide 6% of UK’s needs by 2020’

Happy Watts – Small-scale renewable energy could provide 6% of Britain’s electricity needs – equivalent to more than two Sizewell B nuclear stations or theDrax coal-fired plant – by 2020 if the government improves the terms of a new deal for producers due to be launched next April, Friends of the Earth says today. via The Guardian>>


The Emerging US-China Strategic Alliance on Clean Energy

Happy Watts – The bilateral relationship between the United States and China has begun to take on a more pragmatic and secure quality under the Obama Administration, a welcome contrast to the past, when the U.S. was mostly uneasy about the rise of China and China was often uncertain about assuming its emerging role as an economic and political center of gravity. Though disagreements over the value of the Yuan, trade restrictions and human rights issues will continue to be present in the Sino-U.S. relationship, the exigencies of the worldwide economic downturn and the opportunities for cooperation in the development of a new energy future, are paving the way for a sustainable and productive bilateral relationship. via Renewable Energy World>>

When it’s cheaper to buy than manufacture … what do you do?

Happy Watts – It’s that time of year when top 10 lists are created from the flotsam of the current year’s sales — and there was a lot of flotsam in 2009. Cell and module prices have crashed by (in some cases) 50% from 2008 levels. In many cases it is much cheaper to outsource or toll than it is to manufacture product in-house. This means arriving at an accurate count of what was sold will be difficult, the potential of overcounting the industry significantly more probable, possibly rendering the usefulness of the annual top 10 lists moot. via ElectroIQ>>