The SunCube: Coming in Spring 2010 from Helios Solar

Happy Watts – Americans love the idea of the neatly packaged product, even when it comes to clean power — biofuelswind andnuclear all come in modular “in-a-box” sizes. In that same vein, Helios Solar, a 2-year-old startup based in Denver, Colorado, has announced that its SunCube is now on-sale, and will be ready for installation in the Spring of via Earth Tech>>


EDF taps €1 billion in solar project financing: exclusive use of First Solar modules

Happy Watts – In a significant move by EDF Energies Nouvelles to boost its solar energy portfolio, the renewable energy producer has secured new project finance that is underpinned by a €500 million loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB). EIB is financing 50% of planned projects in both France and Italy through 2012, while commercial banks will support each project with the other 50% of project finance required. EDF is exclusively using First Solar’s CdTe thin film modules for the €1 billion of projects over the next 2-years. via PV Tech>>

‘Gov’t failed to provide proper incentives for solar panels’

Happy Watts – The Public Utility Authority should rethink the financial incentives to encourage private home owners to install solar panels on their roofs, ET Solar Israel representative Rafi Kirshenboim said in an interview with The Jerusalem Post last week.

The National Infrastructures Ministry and the PUA are currently in discussions this week about increasing the quota for solar panels on rooftops. The 35 MW quota for installations of 15-50 KW has been unexpectedly used up and there are reportedly another 8 MW worth of back orders waiting for authorization, which has thrown the market into chaos. It was thought there was enough space under the quota to meet demand until the end of 2010. Instead, the Israel Electric Corporation announced recently that the quota would run out by the end of 2009. via the Jerusalem Post>>

The Long Island Power Authority Approves the Largest Solar Energy Project in New York State

Happy Watts – Long Island Power Authority President and CEO, Kevin S. Law today announced that the LIPA Board of Trustees approved power purchase agreements (PPAs) with BP Solar and enXco, thereby creating the state’s largest source of solar power on Long Island. LIPA’s Solar Energy Project will introduce approximately 50MW of clean renewable energy generated on Long Island onto LIPA’s electric grid, enough to power 6,500 households and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 45,300 tons per year as well as reducing other pollutants such as NOX and SOX emissions. via Solar Plaza>>